Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management Software

Professional features

Pre-book visits and preview the resources that will be in use.

Print a route map to guide your visitor trough the building and send an automatic email notification informing about visitors arrival.

Reduce writing errors at reception desk with the Auto typing aid or using the card scan interface to scan visitor's business cards and automatically place data on record.


Badge Printing

Print badges with personalized information or assign pre-printed badges.

Use autoprint and save time creating your badge at the check-in.

Manage badges produced and in use in real time.


Data analysis and reports

Print reports and view visitors inside the building, resources in use, and meetings in real time and at any computer on the same LAN.

Record all visitor contacts for future use and backup contacts any time.


Multi task management

Specify several entrances and companies located in the same building and check in several visitors for the same event.

Install DeskFive with different login permissions and use multi computers with a shared database or printer.

With DeskFive all the information is stored, allowing to preview events and to increase the control over the persons inside the building, decreasing any type of loitering at the company.


Know why and when someone entered your building. Record visitor information, manage available resources, control time and decrease writing errors at reception desk. Increase control of persons loitering inside your company, manage flow of visitor's arrival and warn arrival at check- in.